Headless CMS - Build with Zenbryo!

Content management systems ("website builders") come in many forms. One of the most used is called WordPress, but as with many others, they get bloated and nested together in a compact tech stack with limitations. But now there's a new technology at hand - Headless CMS!

Whats the meaning of "headless"?

Normally a website uses some form of CMS or backend to handle dynamic updates from a simple admin interface. Those apps usually have their own way of doing things, and a specific way to sort the database. If you want to build a website you need to conform to those strict rules. But with headless, your CMS is completely stand-alone. You can build your website with any tech stack or in any way you want. Don't care about how you name your database tables. When you are ready for a backend, you simple plug in your CMS into the database of your choice - either directly or by connection via API to your database. You can even handle multiple remote websites or content, directly from one single backend.

Sounds good, how do I get started?

Zenbryo is a simple, open source headless CMS that will be launched soon. Until then, keep on building your websites and apps from scratch. Bookmark this page and come back later, we guarantee you it will be worth it!

Stay headless!